September 2023

  • MWH Treatment uses 3D Building Models from Bluesky to Drive Innovation in Water Sector

    MWH Treatment is using highly detailed, geographically accurate 3D models to create visualisations, animations and interactive applications that are improving standards for safe and sustainable solutions within the water sector.…

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July 2023

  • Bluesky Building Models Aid Planning for World’s Largest Cultural Hub

    3D building models from aerial mapping company Bluesky International, are at the heart of plans for a landmark development in the centre of Coventry, informing Virtual Reality (VR) presentations and…

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June 2023

  • Bluesky Expands Commercial Team with Appointment of Bassett and Hoskins

    Aerial survey and geographic data company Bluesky International has expanded its commercial team with the appointment of Kate Bassett and Andy Hoskins. Taking on the role of Head of 3D…

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April 2023

  • Bluesky and Ecopia Partner to Create First 3D Map of Ireland

    Bluesky International and Ecopia AI (Ecopia) have announced a partnership to develop the first ever 3D land cover map of Ireland. Generated using Bluesky’s 12.5 and 25 cm resolution aerial…

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March 2022

  • Bluesky 3D Models Help Macro Works Plan Milestone Solar Farm in Ireland

    3D maps derived from the latest aerial photography are being used to secure planning permission for solar farms across the Republic of Ireland. Created by Bluesky International, the Digital Terrain…

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May 2021

  • Bluesky 3D Building Models Strengthen BIM Workflows for Buttress Architects

    Design studio Buttress is using 3D building models from Bluesky to create interactive walkthroughs and Virtual Reality (VR) presentations as part of its Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflow. Created from…

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April 2021

  • Architect Brings Design to Life with Virtual Reality Using 3D Building Models

    Architects Kirkland Fraser Moor (KFM) are pioneering the use of Virtual Reality (VR) to bring to life design processes and stakeholder consultations. Using VR based on a 3D building model…

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March 2021

  • Bluesky 3D Building Models Bring Architectural Studies Online During Lockdown

    Liverpool School of Architecture is using 3D building models, derived from the latest aerial photography, to help teach students online during the pandemic lockdown. Created by aerial mapping company Bluesky,…

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February 2021

  • Bluesky 3D Building Models Drive Efficiency and Collaboration in Water Construction

    Water sector solution provider MWH Treatment is using the latest 3D computer modelling technology to improve the delivery of major construction projects across the UK. Created by aerial mapping company…

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