Aerial Photography

Aerial photography continues to play a vital role across a variety of disciplines, whether it be environmental management, policy implementation, planning, enforcement, or network analysis. Now more than ever it is part of everyday life through online mapping portals, and extensive use in both printed and digital media.

Bluesky’s catalogue of high resolution orthophotos is accurate, up to date and GIS/CAD ready. It covers most of the UK and is produced to the highest standards, accredited by the Ordnance Survey.

Whatever your application, Bluesky has your area of interest covered by orthorectified aerial photography. We are specialists in the acquisition and processing of aerial photography and in the creation of high quality digital imagery and terrain products. Bluesky is committed to investing in the latest capture and production technologies, and by doing this we ensure the aerial photography products and services we provide are second to none.

Our catalogue of national aerial photography, available off-the-shelf and covering the whole UK. We are continually refreshing our coverage through our cyclic update program, giving our photography unparalleled currency.


  • True orthorectified 25cm national resolution

  • 10cm / 12.5cm urban resolution
  • 5cm ultra hi-res available for select cities

  • Accuracy + / – 0.5m RMSE

  • Many formats (incl. JPG, TIF, ECW, KMZ)

  • OSGB1936 projection

  • 3-year update programme


  • Town Planning & Enforcement

  • Property & Facilities management

  • Land use classification & analysis

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Flood mapping

  • 3D visualisation

  • Cartography


  • National coverage

  • Off-the-shelf data

  • Up-to-date

  • Compatible with OS MasterMap®

  • Flexible licensing terms

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