Thermal Mapping

The thermal mapping service from Bluesky is an intelligent thermographic spatial information source for deriving property-level building heat-loss maps, used to identify poorly insulated buildings and “Beds-in-Sheds” illegal dwellings.

Bluesky provide an end-to-end thermal mapping solution, offering a cost-effective airborne thermal survey service measuring building heat-loss levels across an entire city in just one evening.  Thermal Mapping can also be used in forestry studies to identify individual diseased or infested trees.


  • Advanced GIS analysis and interpretation

  • Provides a visual statement showing local energy use

  • GIS ready seamless raster digital image

  • Relative heat loss values for all buildings across a town or district

  • Thematic classification of heat loss scores for use in GIS

  • Heat loss values can be connected to clients address database


  • Helps report on national indicator targets

  • Target homes suitable for roof insulation improvements

  • Identification of “Beds-in-Sheds” illegal dwellings

  • Forestry disease and infestations studies

  • Locate hard to treat homes

  • Assists CO2 baseline mapping for Local Authorities

  • Urban heat island mapping


  • Cost-effective

  • Clear and visual results

  • Rapid data collection

  • Advanced GIS analysis & interpreatation

  • Compatible with OS MasterMap®

  • Carbon offset on all surveys

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