September 2023

  • Bluesky 3D Imagery Brings Global Warming Sea Level Rises to Life

    Immersive story telling company Sairo has used high resolution aerial photography and 3D mapping from UK aerial survey and mapping company Bluesky International to illustrate the impact of global warming…

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July 2022

  • Bluesky’s Tree Map Helps Green Infrastructure Planning for Swansea Housing

    Bluesky International’s geospatial data is providing environmental insights and informing future green space plans in a bid to enhance resident well-being, improve air quality, maximise biodiversity and improve surface water…

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June 2022

  • Bluesky Aerial LiDAR Survey Data Helps Farmers Apply for Carbon Credits

    A new government funded project is using LiDAR data captured by aerial survey and mapping company, Bluesky International to identify areas of hedgerow and subsequently the amount of carbon captured…

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January 2022

  • Bluesky LiDAR Survey Reveals More than 400 ‘New’ Archaeological Sites in AONB

    A high precision terrain mapping project has revealed more than 400 ‘new’ archaeological sites in England’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Commissioned by the Quantock Landscape Partnership Scheme…

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October 2021

  • Bluesky LiDAR Benchmarks Carbon Neutral Farming in Northern Ireland

    A European Innovation Partnership project to accelerate the move towards net carbon zero farming is using specially commissioned LiDAR data to create a baseline for future measurements. Working with ARCZero…

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February 2021

  • Bluesky Takes to the Air to Create First Ever 3D Map of Northern Ireland’s Coastline

    Bluesky International will use aircraft mounted LiDAR sensors laser scanners to create a highly detailed 3D map of the whole of the Northern Ireland coastline. Working on behalf of the…

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January 2021

  • Bluesky LiDAR Used to Visualise Peatland Restoration on Royal Estate

    Data collected from survey aircraft equipped with advanced laser scanners is being used by the James Hutton Institute to monitor the natural restoration of land at the Queen’s Balmoral Estate…

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