Bluesky Datasheets

As a recognised specialist in the acquisition and processing of aerial photography and LiDAR, Bluesky uses the latest technology and an experienced technical team to produce innovative off-the-shelf and tailored products to meet the needs of organisations in a range of market sectors. The datasheets below contain technical specifications of Bluesky’s core products and their applications.

Thumbnail image of Aerial Photography datasheet

Datasheet: Aerial Photography

Specification of Bluesky’s Aerial Photography data including 12.5cm and 25cm imagery.

Thumbnail image of DSM datasheet

Datasheet: DSM

Specification of Bluesky’s Digital Surface Model data.

Thumbnail image of DTM datasheet

Datasheet: DTM

Specification of Bluesky’s Digital Terrain Model data.

Thumbnail image of NTM datasheet

Datasheet: National Tree Map™

Specification of Bluesky’s Unique National Tree Map.

Thumbnail image of Bluesky MetroVista datasheet

Datasheet: MetroVista

Specification of Bluesky’s MetroVista data including Aerial Photography, Obliques, LiDAR and Mesh Models.